Why You Shouldn’t Ask Escorts These Questions

The industry of escorts is one which has been evolving through time, and some people never notice that. For the general public, the industry remains the same, as they believe the workers are all drug addicts. So when these people encounter the service of an escort, they are bound to ask some stupid questions that should be avoided at all costs. So, here are those questions that you shouldn’t ask an escort.


1. Do you some Drugs?

Let’s get this straight. Escorts are neither peddlers nor drug addicts, so they are not going to give you drugs. This major misconception existed for a long time, and people still considered the industry to be the same old bunch of addicts who have no goal in life. Escorts are individuals who live a life of dignity, and they need not sit and face your questions about addictions and a lot of other things. So, if you have these similar doubts about them, then delete them from your minds.


2. Should I have a bath?

When an escort asks you this question, it makes more sense because they would not want to go ahead and continue the process with a person who last had a bath in the 20th century. But when a client asks this question, it gives the wrong impression that escorts will sleep with you regardless of whoever you are. Since you go dressed to your workplace, we suggest that you have a bath before you visit an escort.


3. Would you like to go out on a date with me?

Escorts probably encounter this question on a daily basis, and it breaks the hearts of many clients. But in reality, the person at fault is none other than the client because escorts are here to offer a service and nothing more than that will be granted. They are individuals who lead separate lives and spending some time with you doesn’t mean anything. So stop crying and move on in life.

4. Are you working out of your own will?

You might have read many cases and stories that suggest how human trafficking has affected the lives of many people. These cases are real, but they are not valid for everyone. As mentioned earlier escorts lead separate lives and carry on the profession out of commitment and dignity. Since there is a vast demand for their services, there is nothing wrong in providing it to the people.


5. Do you offer discounts?

If you ever think about getting a small portion of discount for your escort needs, then we suggest you not to hire an escort. The contacts you sign with the agency involves the part of the money, and you should stick to your approval. So, seek no discounts here.